Traveling to Dubai: Dubai Weather

Traveling to Dubai: Dubai Weather

Traveling to Dubai: Dubai Weather

If you are traveling to Dubai there is no doubt one of your top concerns is the Dubai weather, but not to fear.

Dubai weather is actually extremely pleasant for the majority of the year, with June, July and August being the only truly miserable months during the year, but let’s break down all the Dubai weather bit by bit so you know what you’re getting into before you arrive.

Dubai weather is known the world over for being hot, sticky and unbelievably unbearable, which is simply not the case… during most of the year that is.

Traveling to Dubai? Dubai Weather

I grew up in Washington, D.C. so I am used to my hot and humid summers, and while temperatures in DC can climb into the low 100’s in July and August, it really is the humidity that stands out as the worst – and the same is true for Dubai weather.

Let’s face it, Dubai is in the middle of a desert, so expecting anything other than desert sun at all times is really not fair. That being said, Dubai weather from October through April is gooooooooregous,¬†absolutely gorgeous. I’m talking 75 during the day, 60’s at night and zero humidity, you’ll even need a jacket if sitting outside. People think Dubai weather is 150 degrees all day every day year round, which just isn’t true.

You will regularly see most expats sitting outside on the weekends, enjoying some of the best brunches in Dubai, enjoying the sun and throwing back a few cocktails. Boat parties on yachts are a popular staple for expats during the winter months and there is nothing better than a boozy boat party in mid-November with friends!

Traveling to Dubai? Dubai Weather

But what about the summer? Good question, and yes, it is hotter than hell. If you come in June, July or August expect the humidity to be sky high and the temperatures to be upwards of 110 degrees. All the restaurants will have shut down their outdoor seating and you’ll only ever see people outside running from a taxi to the mall or from the metro into their apartments.

Especially if you are coming to the UAE from Europe or the US, the humidity will be a total shock and you’ll be melting from the second you exit the airport. However, after a couple days (or years…) the summer heat shock goes away a bit and it isn’t too horrible. Anne and I have been here for a few years now and regularly spend time outside in the middle of the summer. As long as you are in the shade, or a swimming pool, life isn’t too bad.

The worst thing about Dubai weather in the summer is that it just makes life slow down. People are more lazy, tired and exhausted more than usual. For me, I really can’t stand spending more time outside. I love to walk to work, spend hours outside on the weekend, go running, etc. During the summer this just doesn’t happen much and many people get sick from the constant movement between overly AC offices and the humidity outside. Just walking outside and your sunglasses will completely fill with fog.

Remember that epic scene in Mission Impossible with the sand storm? It’s not totally fake as sand storms of different severities happen every couple months and are quite impressive to be in the middle of if you have never seen before. In addition, Dubai sees about 360 days of complete sunshine a year with regularly scheduled rainstorms about three or four times a year. We’ll see hammering rain showers, with flash floods, in short bits, and then it is finished.

So as long as you realize and respect that Dubai is located in the middle of a vast desert, and if you want to enjoy the outdoors plan your trip between October and May, you’ll have an amazing time. Dubai weather is absolutely stunning for nine months of the year and there are SO many amazing outdoor activities in Dubai, parks to explore, farmers markets, beaches, deserts, etc.



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